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  • 1x Goldblitz Ultra pan, colour of your choice

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Basic Principles:

We are proud to say, that this is definetly the best pan in Europe and maybe at all (see description below, why we are that enthusiastic about it). The pan must not miss in any equipage of a goldpanner. If you working with a sluice box, two pans are recommended (see my book for details, only available in german at the moment). We incorporated first and foremost our own experience in building that pan, and at least three goldpanning champions disussed the design with us. See the following details:


  • We used a compund of polypropylene and polyethylene, combined with glas fiber to a very rigid, but lightweighted material. We did that together with the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • The impact resistance, especially in cold conditions, could be increased and is far beyond the market followers for pans! So if you plan to wash in cold environment, or even in sub-zero themperatures: this pan is your first choice!
  • We included two largely undercutted riffles sections into the pan. But other than our market followers, we did right: the riffles systems have to be arranged at the opposit sides (not side by side), which has several advantages (see my book) especially during the reduction phase of the panning process. Buy the original (which is also cheaper than the cheap copies, so to say).
  • Available in green, blue and black. Color is not only a question of personal liking! See the color section below!
  • The content of concentrated material in the Elvo III fits into the pan! So you have only one go to clean up your findings!
  • Since we spend some money on the mold, we have no ejector mark in the bottom of the pan. If you are panning very fine gold, you know, how this inflects the speed of the cleanup.


Some people think, color of the pan is just a matter of personal liking but it isn't! Here you see a brief list of what we intend with our colors. PLease consult my book (sorry to say that again) for further details.

  • Green: most wanted color for pans in the world (don't cite me, but it is my personal experience). The visibility of black sand is very good, the contrast to gold is standard (not especially good, not especially poor). So if you start panning gold, at least one pan should be green.
  • Black: best color for panning nuggets in an area, you are used to. The contrast to shiny gold is perfect (contrast to black is always perfect), but the visibility of black sand is (guess!) poor. In most cases, you will not see any black sand, unless it is more than half a teaspoon. So if you own a green one, you may buy a black one, too. If you buy only one pan, I'd buy a green on blue one!
  • Blue: The contrast to shiny gold (let's assume, the color of gold is yello) is very good, the contrast to black sand is very good, too. You now can start a big discussion if green or blue is optimal, for my personal feeling, blue is better with cloudy skies anyway. Technically spoken, blue should be better than green, but the human eye is not a technical thing. So choose yourself. The technical optimal color would be 'nigh blue' RAL 5022.


Sniffer Bottle: I really recommend the usage of a sniffer bottle. With this soft plastic bottle (250ml) it is very easy to draw flitter and small pieces of gold into the bottle and out of the pan or the sluice (or directely out of the bed rock). No matter it some black or white sand is drawn, too, you can save the gold and do the clean up lateron. Very handy!

sieve: there are two possiblities for the sieve: one, you take the original green sieve out of polypropylene or two you exchange it by the stainless steel sieve, which is smaller and lighter compared to the green one.

Pump spray bottle: it is amazing, hov ealy flitters start to float on the surface of the water inside the pan! Go get floating flitter back on the ground of your pan (where they belong!), you may use this spray pump. Just cover the water with the floating flitters with another layer of water and in an instant, all flittera are sinking back to the ground. Very helpful!

A very good extension to the pan is the hand pump as shown here and the pick shown here

For speeding up the finish, especially if you got a lot of black sand in a flitter area, you might use the Magnetit Magnet (sometimes wrongly called Gold Magnet)

overall: have a look at our prospectore's package, where we put all the needful things together!

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