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Included in delivery:

  • Solo sluice box (30cm)
  • optional: rubber for funnel (various possibilities)
  • optional: with inlay rubber mats (various possibilities)

Recommended accessories:

Basic principles:

If you are working in areas of fine flitters and you have to carry your material before you fill it in, it might be a good idea to use a sluice, having only a rubber mat as inlay without frame and stuff. An example is the area of the Napf in Switzerland or the Rhein in Germany. What we basically did is to strip down the Elvo III and equip it with rubber mats. The sluice itself comes 'naked', but you may optionally choose from a variety of rubber mats or you have your own rubber mat to be glued to it. So feel free to do anything you want!

Basic configuration

  • Like the Elvo III sluice, it is a laser cutted and CNC bended sluice. But it differs in size: the body length (and thus the length in transport position) is 70cm against the 90cm of the ElvoIII
  • The possible dimensions for a rubber mat is approx. 30cm x 70cm (plus an extra 5cm kept for the gap after the first riffle.
  • The clamping system was taken from the Elvo III, the funnel is identical and exchangable to the Elvo III (but 'naked' in the basic configuration).
  • We can do all the gluing and sealing for you because we are experts in that! Even with 'foreign' rubber mats, we have no problems.

Description of options:

For the rubber mats in the funnel, there are several options:

  • Without any rubber: we deliver the sluice without any rubber for the funnel.
  • With rubber, not glued and sealed: we deliver two pieces of rubber mat, one for the funnel itself and one for the short connection between the funnel and the clamping riffle inside the funnel. But there is no gluing or sealing.
  • With rubber, glued and sealed: We glue and seal the funnel with our own the rubber. If you'd like another mat supplied by yourself, just let us know. If equipped with our rubber mat, you receive the original Elvo III funnel.


For the inlay inside the sluice (the main recovery system), there are several options, too:

  • No Inlay: you do not get any inlay for the body (independant what you coose for the funnel!)
  • Riffel rubber mat, not glued and sealed: you will get a rubber mat with the dimensions 30cm x 70cm, but not glued and sealed.
  • Riffel rubber mat, glued and sealed: We glue and seal the body with our own the fine riffle rubber mat.
  • Broad riffle mat, not glued and sealed: you will get a broad riffle rubber mat with the dimensions 30cm x 70cm, but not glued and sealed.
  • Broad rubber mat, glued and sealed: We glue and seal the body with our own the broad riffle rubber mat.
  • rubber plate, not glued and sealed: you will get a rubber plate of 5mm thickness with the dimensions 30cm x 70cm, but not glued and sealed. This plate gives you the possiblilty to cut in any shape of riffle you want.



Gluing contains the following steps: first cleaning, grinding, second cleaning, gluing, sealing. Price for rubber is identical to the price of the bulk stock, so it makes no sense to order an extra piece of rubber, unless, you do the final cutting by yourself.

The solo sluice cannot be converted into an Elvo III! The frame will not fit in and there are no holes for the screws in it.

The body is sold seperately, so if you own an Elvo III, you do not have to buy an extra funnel, you can only buy the body and then you have two sluices.

Description of accessories:

Henderson type hand pump: See shop item 'Henderson Pump' for further details of the item itself. The pump is the most important tool if you are working on bedrock: first, you free the bedrock my filling all the gravel in the sluice box, second, you vacuum the bedrock with the pump. Here you will find most of the gold, if gold has nugget shape and all your lager findings will be in the pumped material. If you are using the showel only, you defenitly squandering gold!

We strongly recommend the usage of a rack if working with the sluices. See here for a selection of available recks. The rack makes it easy to adjust the rigth position of the sluice and everybody who is sluicing in a "civilized" creek knows, what I am talking about: the heigth of the water is sometimes changing very fast and frequent. with a rack, it takes secons to adjust these changes. Also the primary setup of the sluice is reduced to seconds. Another advantage is, that you can place the sluice directely in the stream, without any dam. Never walk without!

A very handy 'little helper' is the stone bridge made from brushed stainless steel (what?? No Aluminium? No, not this time!). It is to be placed on the sluice body like a bridge, best place is the last 30cm of the sluice. Some weights will be placed on top of this "bridge" (e.g. some stoines, a sandbag, etc.) prventing the sluice from floating in the current (since the sluice itself is like a hulk of a ship. The bridge shape prevents stones from getting stucked and no barrier wave will destroy the flow inside the sluice! In addition to that, it looks great ;-). See shop item for further information about the stone bridge.

You should also consider the use of sandbags, which are very handy if used with a rack and the sluice. The sandbacks gives a perfect area of support for the funnel. Also, no water will flow under your sluice so you can use the all water for the sluice. The sandbags are available as twopack and fivepack.


The usage of this item and many more principels of goldpanning are described in our goldpanning book, wich is available only in German at the moment. If you are interested in translating it to any language and sell it outside Germany-Austria-Swizerland, please contact me!

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